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Why repair in the bathroom is the most costly of all

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It has long been known that the repair in the bathroom is most spent. Repeatedly in stores I witnessed how people silently examine the racks with brilliant mixers, sparkling toilets, and consider shutoff valves. At this moment, in their eyes, you can read the dumb question: “What is the reason for such a difference in prices for similar goods?”

Unfortunately, it is not often possible to get high -quality consultation from the seller. It is because of this, as a rule, what is bought that is suitable at a price without a special study of the parameters of the product.  In most cases, as a result of such a rash purchase, a person is disappointed during operation. Therefore, it is especially important to understand. That comfort of life depends on the quality of plumbing equipment to a large extent.

The main factor of consumer choice is comfortable and long -term operation of a particular equipment. Almost everyone at least once tried to other extent to suffer the accident of the apartment water supply. In the best case, this is a small leak, in the worst – a burst pipe and flooded several floors of neighbors.

As you know, the more various equipment is installed, the greater the likelihood of its breakdown, it is worth paying attention to it, if you are going to install an additional water filter, put a water heater in case of temporary disconnecting of hot water supply, in general, if you wish, install the next optional device. If you certainly decide to install some equipment, you should choose the highest quality.

The distribution and locking reinforcement with the bronze case has proven itself well. She is not afraid of constant contact with water, she is strong enough to break, has a long rock of operation.

It is also worth paying attention to apartment water meters, such a measuring device is installed in almost every house. Its design is very simple, in fact it is the impeller, which is driven by a stream of water. Such a device is subject to wear, and its replacement can turn into an epic due to approvals in the corresponding authorities. That is why we recommend that you initially install a more reliable ultrasonic counter.

Another obligatory attribute is a quality mixer. According to the study, the main criteria when choosing a mixer for the consumer are: the smoothness of the mixer lever, the reliability of technical elements, the tightness of all compounds.

These are the main devices, the quality of which largely affects general comfort in the house.

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