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The main tasks of the wooden bathhouse what to take into account

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The main task that is inherent in the material for a wooden bath is to create a special bath microclimate useful for your health. That is why, when erecting a bath, a tree is used – a natural material with the ability to air exchange and low thermal conductivity. And therefore, it is necessary to build a bath so that these features of wood are emphasized. If, during the construction of wood houses, wood from pine is most often used, then during the construction of a wooden bath, such wood species as aspen, abash, linden will be much more suitable materials. This is due to the fact that the baths from these materials quickly heat up in winter, and in the summer they practically do not pass the hot air outside. Therefore, in such baths wet and cool. Another useful advice is that during the construction of the bath one should adhere to the same material until the end. The use of various wood species will adversely affect the quality of a wooden bathhouse. There are also a large number of technologies for the construction of wooden baths and you will have to choose one from the mass of the proposed options, the most suitable for you. There are technologies for long construction of baths and the construction technology of fast. Long -term construction technologies belong to more ancient and classical technologies. They are characterized by a manual cutting and the use of galled logs. However, such technologies are characterized by a number of shortcomings, the main of which can be called the process of shrinkage of construction, which means the ability to operate the bath only after 2-3 years after construction. However, the advantages are also important: this is, firstly, the originality of such a bath with the classic bath smell inherent only to it, the beneficial effect on health and of course beauty. The classic solution is a banks from logs or timber. Recently, such a material as a galled log has been especially popular. Such logs are processed on special sawmill equipment, which gives them the same diameter, due to which such logs are laid down in the links with particular accuracy.  This method of wood processing significantly accelerates and simplifies the construction of the bath, and also works for an attractive appearance.  Plus everything, galled logs have quite moderate prices.

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