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How to put a laminate sequence of actions yourself

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Laminate can be added to the beauty of any room. To start laying, you need to initially purchase the material, pre -measure the parameters of the room. Next, we lay the laminate according to the stages.

1. Wash the floor and make sure that the surface is clean and there is nothing on it sticking out of the floor. This is very important, so if there are no irregularities, then you can start laying the laminate itself.

2. Roll out the sheets on the clean floor. Drink it in such a way that there are no wrinkles. It is important not to damage the material.

3. Put the first board tightly to the wall. Add the next board and continue until you reach the end of the line. You may have to cut a piece of laminate with a saw to match all the parameters of the room. Use roulette to get the right size and use a pencil to mark the laminate in the place where you need to cut off.

4. The beginning of the next sheet falls at the end of the side of the first roll. Continue the placement until you reach the end, and then cut the tip. Next, start the third line in the final part of the second row. Continue this model until you finish laying the entire gender.

5. Check the floor laying and walls around the entire room. Make sure casting is safe in place and at an angle to match the other part in the corners.

Floating floor

It is difficult to imagine the house comfortable to be without heat and wooden floors. The fastest way to get a new layer of wood underfoot is to install a floating floor. Unlike the traditional array of strip wood, floating floor is not nailed with nails. Instead, boards, either glued or cut together. The boards are laid quickly, and almost any material, concrete, plywood, vinyl sheet, even ceramic tiles. There are several floating materials, but if you want it from a natural tree, a floating floor will be the best choice.

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