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Special protective coatings for chipboard how to choose

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To improve the physical properties of such a popular building material as chipboard, it is customary to use special protective coatings. Such an event allows you to minimize the negative impact of external factors and extend the work hard life of the material as much as possible.

The most common methods for carrying out such a procedure is the sowing, lamination, as well as veneering. The laminated chipboard will last much longer than with a rogered coating, although both materials are in about the same price category, and the appearance of the indistinguisha.

Lamination is carried out by applying a film impregnated with a polymer composition or paper to the surface. The manufacturing technology of a laminated board allows you to give material properties close to heat -resistant plastic. Such material has a wide variety of textures and color solutions, while incredibly durable, moisture -resistant, is not afraid of the temperature difference and intensive abrasion. The most popular is the chipboard “under the tree”. Due to its decorative and physical properties of chipboard, it is one of the most used material in furniture production.

 The structure of the coating can also differ. There is a chipboard with a porous surface completely repeating the wood fiber or an orange peel, there is also an even coating. In addition to the furniture industry, DSP is not rarely used in the design of premises for various purposes. Due to the high resistance of the material, it can be used not only in living rooms, but also in the kitchen, and even in the bathroom. The surface of the laminated chipboard is easily cleaned and not subject to the effects of aggressive reagents of detergents.

Sponge technology consists in covering the surface of chipboard by natural veneer. To improve the physical properties of the material, the resulting surface is faced with high -quality paintwork solutions. Such material has a more attractive appearance than its brothers in appearance, but also costs much more.

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