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BMW can refuse to use 12 cylinder engines

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In the near future, the German auto giant BMW can abandon 12-cylinder engines that were going to install the next generation 7-Series on vehicles. They plan to use a motor with fewer cylinders as a replacement. The new engine will also concede, but a turbine will be installed on it. The option is not excluded that the number of boards of the motor will have as many as three. This information was reported by the local newspaper Leftlane News. Today, this model with a 12-cylinder engine can be purchased in two versions-with an elongated and standard wheelbase. The engine with a volume of 6 liter is able to develop power up to 544 horsepower. This allows the model to gain speed of 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds. As for a motor of such power, this is far from the best indicator. In Russia today you can purchase both one and the other modification. The cost of the first will be 6 million Russian currency, and for the second you will have to lay out 600 thousand rubles from your pocket. In 2012, it turned 25 years since the BMW manufacturer first used a 12-cylinder engine on his car. The company was going to celebrate such an outstanding date by releasing an exclusive version of the model. A total of 25 US market cars will be assembled. About when exactly the company announces the final decision on the old version of the V12 engine is not reported. Today, one, the new generation of 7-Series remains on sale no earlier than 2016 remains known.

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