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How gypsum is used in construction what you need to know

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For most people, the word gypsum is associated with a medical institution or a famous Soviet movie. In fact, gypsum is a valuable astringent building material. Another name for gypsum translated from Greek – chalk. GIPS is a mineral, a variety of a spar, and in the chemical composition it is calcium sulfate.

In the construction of gypsum has extensive areas of application. N is used in raw form and burned. There are several varieties of this material: waterproof gypsum, lightweight, damp, fine -grained and architectural.

Waterproof gypsum is used in construction to increase the stability of structures to moisture effects. To improve properties, a special substance is added to such gypsum – bard. Lightened material is used for the manufacture of stucco molding ceilings and wall panels. GIPS of this variety is obtained as a result of processing raw materials using special technology.

Syromo -canine gypsum is a component of aerated concrete and cellular concrete. In addition, it is used in the treatment of soil for construction. Fine -grained material is necessary for finishing work, connecting plates of plates, filling in construction seams, production of alabaster. This type of gypsum is also called translucent. Formation or architectural gypsum is designed for the manufacture of stucco molding, decorative panels and decoration elements. It is widely used in the restoration of buildings.

Such a huge range of application of gypsum is due to its physical properties. This is a high -strength material not subject to deformation due to a stable structure at the time of expansion when solidified.

The strength of the material can be reduced as a result of the use of aggregates or additional special moisture. The initial moisture resistant characteristics of this material are high, and when connected with technical resins and other seals, resistance to water increases by several times. Products and building solutions from gypsum very quickly “grasp” very quickly.

At the time of setting, gypsum from a liquid substance turns into a solid. This process begins within five minutes after their preparation. Therefore, you need to work with such materials quickly and professionally. Gypsum is considered fire resistant, since its heating occurs for a long time, within 8 hours. During this time, the probability of a fire is unlikely.

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