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How to insulate a wooden cottage on the outside on the outside

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Regardless of whether the old wooden house or recently built, it needs external insulation. Using insulation, you can make a summer house suitable for living in winter and save on heating.

A cheap and simple way to insulate a wooden house is using mineral wool. This is natural, light and not expensive material. Due to elasticity and softness, mineral wool is well laid. It is not subject to the influences of the difference in temperature, so the walls with such a heater are not deformed. On top of the insulation can be made with wooden boards or use plastic siding.

The first stage of external insulation is vapor barrier. It is achieved by using polyethylene film, aluminum foil or roofing material. In this case, it is necessary to maintain natural ventilation of the tree. If the house is logged, then ventilation is carried out naturally. In the case of glossy plank surfaces, it is advisable to fill narrow vertical rails with ventilation holes from below and from above. Permissible diameter of the ventilation holes 20 mm in diameter.

For the insulation, a frame of boards 4 – 5 cm thick and 10 cm wide is performed. The boards are nailed vertically on the rib with the wall so that the distance between them is less than the width of the insulation, that is, approximately 2 cm. Mineral wool slabs are installed between the frame boards so that there are no cracks. A layer of cotton wool is laid double. On top of the resulting layer, material for waterproofing is fixed.

Its main purpose is a barrier to delay moisture and pass steam. Thermal insulation is laid on the waterproofing surface, which should be fixed with special brackets or nails. Then, five -centimeter rails 3 cm thick are stuffed on the boards of the first frame with thermal insulation. This is necessary for air circulation. The final stage of outdoor insulation is casing. It to a greater extent performs a decorative role, so the choice of material (wood or plastic) depends on personal preferences.

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