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Not only punishment but also exhortations

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The Moscow administration continues its struggle with illegal private car. Along with penalty and prohibitive measures (now a fine of 5 thousand rubles is valid), the capital’s authorities decided to resort to propaganda methods. From the first decade of October, among Bombil, the active distribution of leaflets with an agitation appeal began – and with the instruction “Three steps to become a legal taxi driver”.

Dmitry Pronin, Head of the Department of Organization and Control in the field of taxa transportation of the Moscow Department of Transport, told reporters about the new initiative of the capital’s city hall. He shared the information that the leaflets would be massively (in total, it is planned to print about 10 thousand) in places of the most frequent parking of private cabs – near cars, air and railway stations, at the end stations of the metro and at other, the largest points.

In addition to the call, the propaganda sheet will contain a phased instruction of all the actions necessary to legalize the business, on one side, excerpts from the legislation on responsibility for private car. At the moment, leaflets have already begun to be distributed at the Kazan and Leningrad stations.

Also, Pronin said that the city hall is now discussing an increase in punishment for an unlicensed car. In addition to Pronin, Vladimir Kolokoltsev, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, who called for the state’s legislative bodies to tighten punishment for all illegal taxi drivers stated this.

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