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Tile work Definition and principles

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Tile work is one of the most important elements in the finishing work of the conducted in the apartment. With finishing work in residential and public premises, tiles are an indispensable material. The tile has many advantages and advantages, many qualities are durable and moisture -resistant. It is convenient to wash and clean the tile, and the most important advantage is that with the help of it you can create chic and modern interiors in the apartment, as well as in shopping centers.

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Tiles can be used for both external and internal work. For bathrooms, bathrooms and for the kitchen, any type of ceramic tile is undoubtedly suitable, and porcelain tiles, marble and natural stone are ideal for rooms and with great cross -country premises. If you choose the right glue and grout, then the posed tile will serve for a very long time.

The laying of the tiles must be done on a clean and of course an even surface and it is advisable to thoroughly prepare the walls before laying. If necessary, the following work should be carried out as plastering and strengthening the walls. When carrying out tile work, only high -quality and reliable material should be used, or rather, which has already been tested. And of course, facing work should be carried out only by professionals, masters of their craft in order to achieve the perfect result.

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