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Many molestered functions of the fence in the summer cottage

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The fence is an important component of any country house, site or yard. Before putting a fence, you need to carefully consider everything and choose the necessary materials for construction. It must be remembered that the correctly selected fence will serve for a long time and give the main building not only protection, but also a finished look.

 The fence performs many necessary functions, for example, protection from wind and noise, the penetration of unauthorized persons to the site, protection against extraneous eyes. Of course, for some this is a reliable fence, and for some just a partition between the sites, to allocate the boundaries of the earth. 

On a garden area for any summer resident, the fence should pass as much as possible sunlight. Specialists will help with the right choice of materials for the fence, since fences come from various types and from any materials.

Fences come: from corrugated board, wooden, galvanized, from nets, welded gratings, brick or concrete fence. The main types of fences include fences from corrugated board. The advantages of such a fence: durability, minimum expenditure of funds for material and installation, beauty and reliability. Choosing a fence from corrugated board, first of all you guess with an additional decoration of your site. This material is not exposed to the influences of the external environment, the metal does not need additional painting and is easy to wash. Perfectly protects against dirt and dust from the road.

Stopping the grid, you will win in price and in practicality. The land country plot will not be darkened from the sun, which will not affect the crop. It can also be used for a hedge.

 A wooden fence is also not a bad solution, but it will require an additional, timely color. The advantage is the simplicity of repair and, if necessary, the possibility of changing the design.

Brick fence or stone fence is also not a bad choice. Such a fence will last more than fifty years, reliable, impregnable, and with the help of several arches, will give the desired lightness. The advantage is that there is no need to paint, lubricate and wipe. Usually use ordinary red brick, a full -bodied brick will need to be plastered. The most technological of fences is a fence of reinforced concrete standard plates. This fence is ten percent cheaper than brickwork.

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