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How to build a veranda on a suburban area with your own hands

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Today you can buy not only an apartment, but also a building area within the city. The option is very convenient for those who like solitude away from urban noise and at the same time the possibility of immediate proximity to the metropolis. If desired, you can make your housing individually unique, for example, having attached a veranda to the house. This is a convenient vacation spot in the summer, if the veranda is open. Closed insulated verandas are good for winter holidays by the fireplace.

Of great importance during the construction of the veranda is the flooring. The main requirement for the materials should be the durability and unpretentiousness of the floor covering. In this room, they usually go in shod, in the summer open verandas are exposed to wind and rain. Therefore, the flooring should be wear -resistant, resistant to moisture, convenient to operate. The most practical coating for the floor of the non -heated veranda is paving slabs. Subject to all installation rules, it will last forever. You can use wooden boards or chipboard, but these materials are not durable, although economical.

The most troublesome and responsibly build the floor of a heated veranda. To all the necessary characteristics of the usual floor, it is necessary to add thermal insulation properties. Such a floor can be done with your own hands. It is necessary to start mounting with insulation on the ground with a ten -centimeter layer of crushed stone. After that, a layer of sand of the same height is poured and compacted, covered with a metal mesh and concreted. The next stage is waterproofing. To do this, you can choose modern building mixtures by concrete, which will provide protection against cracking and penetration of moisture.

Next, wooden lags from the beam and a layer of vertical wool with reflective foil are laid. For the basic base of the flooring, it is best to use boards. To arrange heating to the lags, the OSB is attached – the plate and the assembly of heating communication is carried out. The last step is the installation of porcelain.

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