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The best startup for learning English, its advantages and opportunities

by buma888

EngHub is an e-learning startup created by a team of English language enthusiasts with founders from Ukraine. The main mission of the portal is to provide teachers and students around the world with access to quality educational resources. Effective learning requires not only motivation, but also access to a variety of materials, which is why EngHub offers a wide range of ready-to-use materials for teachers and students. On the website of a unique portal you can find many lesson plans in professional English for free. The lessons offered are accompanied by learning resources, videos and downloadable PDF activities. Everyone can find out more information on the website.

Uniqueness of the platform

The platform offers not only lessons, but also interesting events for English teachers. They strive to make learning not only effective, but also fun. As a team of professionals, EngHub perfectly understands the needs of teachers and students. The platform is designed keeping in mind their needs and expectations. By joining EngHub you can open up a world of possibilities in learning English.

ESL teachers are always looking for effective and interesting materials for their lessons. EngHub offers ready-made materials that will help make your work more productive and fun. On the website of this unique portal you can find many ready-made lesson plans, conversation activities and grammar games, specially designed for students at level A1-B2. Here, each student receives a unique approach, so the materials are varied and adapted to different learning styles.

Startup for teachers

This is a great opportunity for teachers to make their work as productive as possible. With the materials provided, you can focus on what matters most—learning for your students. You no longer have to waste time preparing lessons from scratch, because everything you need is already available on EngHub. All you need to do is subscribe to the portal and receive all the materials that are designed specifically for students at level A1-B2. Here you can find:

  • ready-made lesson plans;
  • exciting grammar games;
  • stimulating oral tasks;
  • materials on holiday themes for variety.

You can also use interactive activities on Genial to make your lessons even more fun and interactive.

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