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Mazda “leads” among the machines stolen in Russia

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According to the ITAR-TASS agency, Mazda 3 is the most stolen car in the capital of Russia over the past year. By the regions, “BMW 3” overtook it in this indicator.The Russian Auto -Strakhotchik “Alfastrakhovka” on its website published a rating of the most steady cars from the beginning of the past and the first half of the current years.

This study noted that the five most steamed cars of the capital’s region consists exclusively of Japanese brands. The most frequent car became Mazda 3. The frequency of theft per year of this model increased from 2.4% to the indicator 2.7%. The company itself has its own rating for the absolute amount of theft, where Mazda 3 is also in the first place. The products of the Russian auto industry were not lucky this time. And although the sale of VAZ has recently gained momentum, there is no special excitement among car agents in relation to this brand.

Last year, the rating was headed by Lexus LX, followed by Mitsubishi Lancer, and BMW X6 was in third place in the ranking. To date, all these cars have been supplanted from the five leaders of the capital’s rating.

Based on the results of the study, it can be judged that the frequency of general thefts is gradually reduced in relation to indicators from previous periods.

As for statistics, and relying on ordinary everyday experience – any car can be stolen. And it doesn’t matter which class it belongs to, the main thing is that there is a customer.

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