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Box failures

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It is known how badly to drive a car with a faulty transmission change box.

The driver monitors the wheel, turns on the first, second and third gear, the car goes normally and nothing bothers him. Then it turns on the fourth – direct gear, the speed increases – and suddenly the transmission turned off. After re -turning on, it turns off again. In this case, the driver sometimes tries to hold the gearbox lever with his right hand, and lead the car with his left hand. This should not be done. What to do in this case? It is almost impossible to eliminate the malfunction on the way: for this, it is necessary to make a complete disassembly of the gearbox, and if necessary, replace worn parts. Therefore, before the garage or maintenance station, you need to go in reduced gears.

There is a reverse phenomenon when the transmission is turned on with difficulty. It is difficult to include gears from the bending of switching forces and from wear of the switch of the turning mechanism. The inclusion fork can be straightened with a lid of the gear lid, and worn parts should be replaced. Sometimes a noise appears when gear. This happens when the clutch is incomplete, with the wear of synchronizers, the large wear of the gear teeth. We must try to adjust the clutch pedal, and if this does not help, then the box must be repaired upon arrival in the garage.

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