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Spider vein removal in Bella Sana: features and benefits

by buma888

Spider veins come as an unpleasant surprise as they leave marks on the skin. These are small vessels that are located under the skin and dilate. High-quality spider vein removal at Bella Sana will solve this problem. You can completely trust this clinic, as it has proven itself to be the best.

What reasons influence the appearance of spider veins?

Many different factors influence the occurrence of the problem. Among the triggers for its development are:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • too weak vascular walls;
  • changes in hormonal background: pregnancy, menopause, taking contraceptives;
  • loss of vascular elasticity with age;
  • staying the body in one position for too long;
  • presence of extra pounds;
  • injuries or bruises of blood vessels;
  • prolonged contact with ultraviolet radiation;
  • drinking alcohol or smoking.

In addition, the condition of blood vessels is negatively affected by a variety of systemic diseases. They are also harmed by stressful situations and poor blood circulation. The body may experience a deficiency of antioxidants and various substances. All this becomes a trigger in the development of spider veins.

Laser treatment for spider veins

This is an innovative approach that will quickly and safely deal with such a problem. The procedure is based on the practical application of a focused laser beam. It will affect hemoglobin and preserve the integrity of surrounding tissues.

During the procedure, laser light will be absorbed by red blood cells. The vessels will heat up, close and dissolve naturally.

There are many advantages to treating spider veins with laser. Among the most important points are:

  • the risk of damage to surrounding tissues is minimal;
  • the results of laser treatment for spider veins will be immediate;
  • the method is minimally invasive, you do not have to resort to surgery;
  • pain is excluded, patients will definitely not experience any discomfort.

You should contact a trusted Bella Sana clinic, as here you will receive qualified assistance from experienced specialists. They use innovative laser equipment in practice, so you can quickly forget about spider veins without a variety of dangerous consequences!

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