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From what material to build a fence on a suburban area

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The first thing I want to do after the acquisition of a summer cottage is to build a fence. Firstly, there is immediately a sense of significance of ownership of the “tsarist territory”. Secondly, fence is security and protection. You can build a fence on a summer cottage from any material. It depends on material capabilities and personal taste. Most often, bricks, corporates, concrete panels or wood are chosen for its construction. Some sections of the fence can be arranged in the style of hedges from trees and shrubs.

As a temporary fence, you can use a rabid grid. Of course, this can hardly be called a fence, but not expensive and fast.

The fence of concrete panels is not the most expensive and simple. It does not require the foundation. All that needs to be done is to bury and cement the pillars. For the construction of such a fence, a special crane will be required, which will install concrete slabs in grooves. This type of fence in a summer cottage is the most durable, reliable and durable and does not require special care. From the point of view of aesthetics – in the concrete panels of it, to put it mildly, not enough.

The most attractive view of a wooden fence. This building material is the most common in summer cottages. It is available, relatively not expensive and makes it possible to show imagination, experimenting with forms. In addition, you can change its color by repainting the surface. Sometimes transparent protective paintwork materials are applied to maintain the natural structure of the tree.

Brick fence is almost as eternal as concrete. The construction of such a fence on the site requires the presence of a foundation and large costs for the purchase of materials and when laying. Recently, it has become fashionable to build summer cottages from corporate parties with a brick base and columns. Such a fence looks quite attractive, especially if different color scheme of material for the main and finishing part is used. The material is not cheap, but its practicality and the simple installation of it is worth.

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