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Exclusive series of cars from famous concerns

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MII from Seat: Sports version of the smallest car.

It is worth noting that Seat MII is the cheapest car of the Spanish brand. The new version of the Red-Black Auto received in the name FR prefix. In black, also stained the wheel arches, the lower parts of the rear and side doors. The design of the cabin is made in red-black tones.

Suzuki introduced photos of Splash 2013.

The first official images of the modified version of the comprehensive hatchback, known in developing countries under the name Ritz, was published by Suzuki. The AGILA model, built on the SWIFT platform, which the Japanese have developed together with the German company Opel, has not been updated since 2008. To maintain the interest of customers, Agila has undergone a number of cosmetic changes in external and internal design. Most likely, modifications will affect only cars intended for Europe.

Sports view Suzuki Splash give decorative ventilation slots and a skirt of the rear bumper. The car acquired both the front bumper with recycled inserts of fog headlights, and a slightly different radiator grille. The least changes affected the rear bumper and rear lights.

Spy photos of the new Mini Cooper.

The JCW GP II model from the world famous manufacturer of compact and at the same time quite powerful Mini Cooper cars was recently caught in cameras. It is noteworthy that the journalists managed to capture the model for the first time. While the car was tested in real roads and spy photos were taken. According to the information model previously received from the manufacturer, the car will have a unique aerodynamic system thanks to new body kit. Thanks to our disposal, the pictures can see that a new form, a new bumper, the rear diffuser, as well as the spoiler.

Haima began to produce a new budget car.

Haima voiced the cost of Aishang, and the new CD is the cheapest car of this brand. In the Chinese market, the price of a car ranges from 35 800 to 45 800 yuan or 165 -212 000 rub. Haima Aishang will become a competitor to Geely Panda and Cheri QQ. The wheelbase will be 2.332 m, long – 3.662 m, height – 1.518 m and width 154 cm. They will equip a car with a 1-liter gasoline engine with a maximum rotating moment of 96 nm, a capacity of 75 horses and a 5-Step-printed manual transmission.

Compact Chery Riich G2 was the first to see photographers.

As you know, before each more or less significant event of the automobile world, a whole series of journalistic revelations and publications of spy pictures begins, which often completely breaks away all the plans of automakers. This time the situation accepted a similar turn, because a week before the official prime minister, the paparazzi gained access to the Riich G2 car. The basis for this model was Cheri A3 (there is nothing accidental in this, because it is Cher that owns the Riich brand).

MIRAGE from Mitsubishi already in serial production.

The assembly of the car will take place on the conveyor of the automaker in Thailand. By the way, in the same Thailand, cars Mirage Mitsubishi plans to sell about 2500 pieces, which will allow him to compete with his closest competitor – model Perod Viva. As in all other models, Mirage will have several different engine settings, while for all modifications there will be an unit with a volume of 1.2 liters, which has three working cylinders at their disposal. The power of this engine will be 78 liters. With.

Opel subcompact will receive the name Adam.

According to the German automobile publication Autobild, the hatchback of the subcompact type from the automaker Opel will receive the name “Adam”. A small Adam will have a 3700 mm length, for comparison this is more than 15 centimeters than that of the compact model Volkswagen Up!.

Press this tiny car by car standards, a engine will have a engine that has a direct fuel injection system. The volume of such an engine will be 1 liter, and the consumption for standard 100 kilometers of the track with a mixed type of driving will be small 3.5 liters. There will also be no harmful substances.

Spy photos of the new Roewe E50.

Together with photographs, some technical characteristics of the future model were obtained. So, the car engine has a code name 230TY28K, with a capacity of 70 liters. With. The speed of 100 km/h the model develops in 16 seconds., the indicators, although not the most powerful, but for the electric car, quite acceptable.

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