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German quality and “sick” Porsche

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The ghost of the widespread illness of world automobile companies, which received the official name “Car Review”, and in fact, which is ordinary factory and design marriage, does not stop choosing new victims for itself.

The German company Porsche, known for its reliable sports cars, picked up this contagious disease somewhere in the east.

At first, the popular Porsche Panamera sports carrier model “Temperature rose” a little. She rose in China by about 640 cars, which was already a symptom for Porsche to force the alarm.

The reason for the recall of this popular model was the fact that Panamera received safety belts, ready at any time to uninhabitedly unfasten, thereby substituting the driver and passenger under a significant threat to life and health. This drawback is especially pronounced in German sports cars in the case of small accidents.

Not yet having time to calculate the losses from the “Chinese” review by Panamera, Porsche received unpleasant news that the disease of the sports car spread to the European automobile market. This situation led to the fact that the car giant Porsche is forced to withdraw more than 11 thousand 300 cars sold around the world.

The problem with safety belts and Russian fans of the German automobile brand did not go around the problem. The domestic market sold 117 Porsche Panamera sports cars, which also fall under the recall procedure.

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