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DIY subwoofer in the car

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DIY subwoofer in the car

Today, every young man wants to stand out in his car among the crowd. One way to stand out, you can consider the installation of a subwoofer in a car with your own hands. It is not as difficult to do as it may seem at first glance. The case for the subwoofer is better to choose the shape of a truncated pyramid, where the back wall is trot at an angle of 23 degrees, because the backs of the back row on cars are usually tilted to such a degree.

The correctly selected type of acoustic design will help to achieve a sound result, we will take a closed box as the basis of the subwoofer case. Now we choose speakers for the subwoofer. Do not forget that our cloth box, based on this, requires a speaker with fraction of Qt. Qt parameter should be about 0.5–0.6. The speaker with higher indicators is used for open design, and a lower indicator is more suitable for phase -inverter design. We are perfect for an affordable and common speaker of the DS250 model from HERTZ. With a closed acoustic design, the DS250 speaker from HERTZ requires a volume of about 23-28 liters. Now you should clearly calculate what the corps of the subwoofer should be. The front wall of the case of our subwoofer will be from chipboard with a thickness of 2.3 cm, we will make the side sides of the same material, but take the thickness of 2 cm. Now, the cut walls of the subwoofer begin to glue PVA glue and connect with self -tapping screws. Drill holes in advance with a drill of 3 mm in a step of 5 m, and under the heads of the screws with a drill by 10 mm. Now, on the connected side side you need to outline the hole under the acoustic terminal, this can be done by drawing a circul with a circle.

Now carefully and accurately cut the hole with an electrician. To avoid unwanted sizes often published by a weak acoustic terminal, it can be filmed with a small box. Self -tapping and glue attach it to the sidewall. In the front panel, cut the hole for the installation of the speaker, fasten it. Our box is made of chipboard, so it must be treated with furniture nitrolak in order to protect it from moisture exposure. After this procedure, you can ennoble our box with carpet (it will take 1.5 m). Now we connect a subwoofer speaker with an acoustic terminal and fix them in the case. It remains only to connect to the amplifier and enjoy the bass from the subwoofer made by yourself.


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