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One of the most significant events, for 9 CIS countries and Baltic, is the auto -explode show. It is very prestigious for car owners who want to prove that their car deserves the main award. And there are more than 3000 such people. Once a year they gather for 3 days to Moscow to take part in this enchanting action.

Exotic cars are fighting for the National Prize. It is noteworthy that all cars can be seen in action.

For three days, owners of various cars will fight for the title of the best in their nomination. Here you can see both retro with military equipment and hot-rods with supercars. The star jury will have to choose winners in 40 nominations. You can see all this on auto -explosics in Luzhniki.

On the main stage, viewers will also be able to see the performances of motorsports and pop stars.

In order to take part in the competition, each car has passed thorough selection. On the auto -explosics show, almost every car is one of a kind. Even a car of the same brand and models will not be similar. Since dramatic changes were made to their design and design, allowing each of the cars at the competition unique and the only. Of course, such requirements are not for Retro cars. Here the main criterion is the complete originality and compliance of its historical model.

The awards will be awarded in breaks, throughout all three days the auto -explode show.

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