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What factors to pay attention to when choosing varnish

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Using paintwork in the repair, special attention should be paid to the tools with which the application will be made. The right inventory will help not only achieve the best result, but also save the time spent on work. Choosing brushes and rollers, you should be guided by several factors:

1. The composition of the material with which you have to work

All paintwork can be divided into two large groups – alkyd, based on a solvent, and water -based.

For working with water -based coatings, brushes made of synthetic or mixed bristles and rollers made of polyamide with an average pile are best suited. Similar tools are perfectly given moisture, which helps to save material.

Alkyd varnishes and paints are most conveniently applied with natural bristles or smooth rollers made of velor. Only in some cases can be advised for coatings on the solvent a tool with a volumetric structure. For example, for surfaces with deep relief.

2. Type of work performed

Types of repair can be figuratively divided into two categories – external, that is, facade, and internal work.

In external works, the painting tool should have an elongated pile or bristle. This is due to the features of the facades themselves. Most often, external surfaces have a porous structure, and it is easier to work with them in volumetric equipment.

But internal repairs are best carried out using smooth inventory. Typically, the walls in apartments are very well aligned before painting, and if you choose a too furry roller for work, an unattractive shag will appear on the surface.

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