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The washing machine leaks water: causes and solutions, repair features

by buma888

An automatic washing machine leaking is not uncommon. Like their predecessors, the units leak, but much less frequently. When faced with a problem, you should not panic, you need to turn off the unit and think about what to do on your own and read more information about it on

The reasons for water leakage in an automatic washing machine can be different, let’s look at a few:

  • damage to the water supply or drainage hose located at the rear wall of the washing machine;
  • the powder tray is clogged;
  • the rubber cuff has become unusable due to its long service life;
  • failure or formation of a plug in the drain pump;
  • drum leakage due to a worn oil seal.

These are the most common reasons why automatic washing machines leak. You can fix some problems yourself by reading more about repairs on mannyappliances.

When faced with this type of malfunction, first of all, you need to turn off the power to the washing machine by unplugging the cord from the outlet. Try not to step into the puddle that has formed, turn off the water and remove the laundry from the machine, after draining the water.

How to eliminate the reason why the washing machine is leaking water

Some causes of leakage are not as scary as they appear when they occur. Before ordering repairs on, we will consider the reasons that must be eliminated independently, without resorting to the help of a specialist:

  • if a leak is detected in the area of ​​the rear wall, the cause may be a failure of the water drainage or supply hose. It is not necessary for a crack to form if the unit is relatively new, as a result of vibration during the washing process, the hose has unraveled and a leak has formed;
  • detection of a leak on the front of the washing machine. The reason may be that the powder tray has not been washed for a long time. This little thing can cause a lot of trouble;
  • water drips descending from the door indicate a loose fit to the body of the washing machine. The reason is wear of the rubber cuff, which results in loss of tightness. You need to buy a new cuff and replace it.

It should be remembered that only some of the breakdowns can be repaired independently. An automatic washing machine is a rather complex mechanism, and to repair a serious breakdown with your own hands, you need special knowledge and skills, including the electrical component. Incompetent repairs are costly for the family budget.

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