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How to save on thermal insulation of attic what to take into account

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As a rule, the issues of insulation of any premises are resolved at the stages of design and construction. The attic may not be planned a room that is completed later. In this case, a logical question arises of how to insulate it?

About its essence, we will have to insulate part of the roof outside and inside, as well as the walls of the attic room and floors. For insulation inside, you need to create a waterproofing layer of a rather complex geometric shape. This will require the ability to bypass the rafters and remove the insulation under the roof at the water flow site. The laying of the waterproofing layer between the rafter beams is fixed by the construction stapler to the base of the roof fixed on the crate. In order not to violate the integrity of waterproofing, it is better to make such a mount with the help of nailed wooden rails. The insulation laying is carried out along the entire length of the rafters up to the skate of the roof.

To save insulation, you can lay out the thermal insulation layer not over the entire height of the roof, but to the border of the beginning of the ceiling. The insulation should be laid between the beams and is heated by vapor barrier material, strengthened by rails. Moreover, the direction of the rails should be transverse in relation to the beams. The distance between the rails is permissible not more than 40 cm. Thus, the re -base is a support for the external and inner layer forming the soot of the attic.

If the roof of the house is insulated to the bottom of the bottom, then the walls of the attic can not be insulated. Otherwise, wall insulation cannot be avoided. For this, heat -insulating sheets are used, which are attached to the rails full of racks on the back. From below, such a layer should be heated by vapor barrier and also fixed with rails. The junction of these layers must be glued with tape. For insulation, you can use mineral wool or foam. Minvat in the form of rectangular plates is preferable than rolled material. The decoration of the premises after conducting insulation work can be drywall or plywood. Sheets are attached directly to the metal frame or rafters.

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