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Classification of plasters for wall decoration which to choose

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When spring comes, work on external wall decoration immediately begins.  For such a process, plaster and putty are needed.  But there are a large number of them, so you need to understand all types in order to make the right choice.

Plaster is such a finishing material that serves to align walls or ceilings. Plasters can be starting or finish.  With an increase in the fraction, the surface roughness increases. And then the tasks of putty include giving the wall smoothness.  In addition to the main tasks, the mixtures are distinguished by the size of the application layer.  The optimal layer of plaster is 0.5-5 cm. For plaster, a layer of 5 mm thick is a maximum.

Plaster in composition is divided into gypsum and cement. Gypsum plasters have high adhesion for any reason, but are not suitable for external work due to the lack of moisture resistance. At the same time, the use of cement plaster is wrong in internal work, because such a mixture is quite dense and it is difficult to align. In addition, cement, for example, does not fall on drywall, which is the most common material for lining the internal walls. 

By the method of applying plaster are divided into machine and manual.  There are plasters only with machine application, it is quite difficult to stir manually. 

Plasters that are used for external finishes are called facade, they are quite moisture resistant and are little corroded.

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