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How to increase car clearance

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Car clearance is nothing more than the distance from the base of the load -bearing parts of the car, to the ground. In other words, road clearance.

It so happened that in our country, the quality of roads leaves much to be desired. Sometimes on the quiet street of a metropolis you can leave your pendant or you will have to sweat pretty, going around the potholes. What can we say about the rest of the roads located mainly in the Trans -Urals, because it comes to the point that some people saw asphalt only on TV. Moreover, with our changeable climate, a low landing car simply does not get along, and therefore the question arises of how to increase the clearance of the car.

How to increase car clearance. Clearance indicators

As such, there is no single point showing the lumen of the car over the road, so experts take into account several indicators.

The first is the front bumper, it is he who suffers from snow in winter, and checks the height of city borders when parking a car.

There are some norms characterizing the road lights: for a passenger car, on average from 14 to 20 centimeters, the SUV 18 to 25 centimeters of the road clearance starts with a road clearance of 20 to 35 centimeters, but there may be more

In many modern cars, the front bumper is equipped with the so -called “skirt” – a small plastic plate, 2-3 centimeters in size. When hitting some obstacle, a characteristic rattle of plastic is published, while the bumper paint coating does not suffer somewhat (and if it suffers, it can be polished, see. article how to polish a car).

The cost of a “skirt” for the front bumper of the car is very small, and the benefits as you see, fit, is especially suitable for those who have recently got behind the wheel and still do not fully feel the dimensions of the car. As an option, on the front bumper, install the disconnected parking sensors, it will definitely help you save time and money.

The second point of measuring the road clearance should be the point under the pallet of the crankcase: for cars 12 – 17cm; SUVs are allocated 17-21 centimeters, while SUVs 20 and above. It is imperative to set the engine protection, since dust, dirt will fall into the motor compartment in large quantities, the role of anthers will play the role. It can be either a plastic lining or a metal plate.

Currently, in the descriptions of the car, the term “geometric patency” has appeared, it is characterized by the angles of the entrance and congress, the value of which depends on the rear and front check. It is also important that the cornering angle is also determined by what degree the car can move from the slope to the horizontal surface.

How to increase car clearance. Methods using the inter -seal insert into the spring, this occurs due to less compressing the spring. How it works: the free stroke of the shock absorber is reduced. Disadvantages increased suspension rigidity, rapid suspension wear, the use of a non -standard spring of a larger or increased hardness will lead to an increase in clearance, but the rapid wear of shock absorbers with polyurethane spacers also allow you to increase the clearance of the car, they are installed between the support of the racks and the body, the lack of a high wear of the body when driving in uneven aluminum Inserts, the same species have a number of advantages, the only drawback, the provocation of corrosion is especially, when driving on sand and salt mixtures, plastic inserts are universal, are used in the same place where the previous ones. They differ in high cost. The same properties have rubber inserts by buying high-profile tires, too, will also contribute to an increase in clearance

Summing up this review I will say that you need to choose a car given all the features of movement. Will you move around the city or the Zagorod are two completely different things. Therefore, the first answer to how to increase the clearance of a car is to buy a car suitable under your area.

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