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Along with first -class, ultramatores for kitchens, the German company Blanco can offer in the assortment: bronze kitchen mixers, pouring with “under cop” or polished brass, which are a classic version of cranes for admirers of retro style retro, which has gained special popularity in recent years.

Blanco kitchen retro mixers

For the kitchen to look in a real classic retro style, you should carefully select every detail of the interior. This will help you with the choice of the German manufacturer amazing in beauty and design. Blanco can make your kitchen a container of unique masterpieces of kitchen equipment in a classic style, including a kitchen crane under the old days. It is remarkable that all retro mixtors are perfectly combined with vintage sinks and for any retro screenshot you can choose the perfect sink.

The difference and similarity of the classic and modern design of Blanco mixers

Almost all Blanco faucets for kitchens are made in a modern style. Although for the classics there was also a little space. There are a number of cranes made exclusively in the retro style. Their difference from modern models is that they are equipped with two taps, while their “fashionable” brothers are controlled by one lever. The difference also consists in the material covering the crane housing. Modern models use materials such as: chrome, ceramics, granite and others, while the coating in classical models is made under copper and bronze. However, both Blanco mixers have the equally excellent quality of the structure, design and functionality. Absolutely all models of this company, whether it is a chrome single-legged mixer or a two-captive copper crane, is designed for a long service life. All Blanco mixers, without exception, have a swivel shape, check valve and a traditional pouring form. All mixers also have the same compact diameter of the mounting hole – 35 mm and there is a flexible type of eyeliner. Despite the fact that now in the fashion in the style of high tech or avant -garde, the classic style of the kitchen crane still remains in demand. The German company Blanco has established itself as a responsible and worthy manufacturer of equipment for kitchen premises in styles for every taste.

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