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Wall lamps in the interior

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Wall lamps in the interior

Wall lamps perform the function of additional lighting. Moreover, in corridors they can be used as the main. They allow you to focus on individual interior elements, allow you to make a comfortable workplace. By type of structure, wall lamps are divided into sconces and surface lamps. The former are installed on the brackets. Sconces have many different forms, easy to use, so they deserve great folk love. It is worth noting that today LED ribbons are also used for lighting. On the website MyLight you can purchase high -quality LED tape in Kyiv at favorable prices.

Surface lamps are more compact. They are screwed to the surface with the rear panel of the case.

Separately in the set to wall lamps are incandescent lamps or fluorescent lamps. They can be made of glass, crystal, plastic, to be completely transparent and matte and even colored. For the case, materials such as metal, ceramics, wood are often used with decorative coating are used.

When choosing a wall lamp, you need to watch that it looks good with other light sources, does not catch too much.

Today, wall lamps can be found in almost any room. They look especially good in corridors, bathrooms, office, bedroom, thereby complementing the workplace and recreation area.

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