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In Moscow, the cost of rolling bicycles will be from 30 rubles

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In the capital in full swing is preparations for the launch of the first 30 points of bicycle rental. They should start work already from June 1. Also, the creation of another hundred points are planned until the end of the year, most of which will be in the central part of the city: 50 stations will work on the Boulevard Ring, 19 will be 19. In addition, 31 rolled items will open in the southern, western and southwestern districts.

According to the idea, the bike can be rented at one station, and put it already at another station. In order to get the opportunity to use the cycling service, you must first register on the Internet page, where you need to provide personal data, as well as the phone number. After registration, the user will be issued a login and password, as well as access to a personal account, where all the information about already made trips used for this routes and payment will be. In addition, the site has the opportunity to choose a tariff.

The Internet page has the opportunity to purchase a subscription for one day, week or month. The maximum subscription can be for three months. So, a three -month subscription ticket will cost 950 rubles. It will also be possible to rent a bike for individual trips. The cost of the service will depend on the rental time.

Thus, someone prefers car rental in Moscow for a long time, and someone (especially in summer) is more suitable for an environmentally friendly and healthy bicycle.

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