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District style for registration of a summer cottage

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If you do not like exotic plants, and you prefer simple flowers that do not require special care, then the rustic style will suit you. This style is very organic and it will bring you as much as possible to nature. At first glance, it seems that creating natural nature is quite simple, but this is not entirely.

The effect of natural nature can be created if you harmoniously choose plants that will create the desired environment on your site. For the rustic style of the landscape, chamomiles or marigolds are suitable. Some of the varieties of lilies and phloxes will also look good. No less suitable option for creating a rustic style on the territory will be a planting of mallow, bellies and chrysanthemums.

But not only the bushes create a landscape. Bussters are also needed, which must be selected depending on the venture of the garden itself. The main task of shrubs will be natural wildness. For this, shrubs of jasmine or rosehips are perfect.

It is difficult to imagine a village without bright sunflowers and cereals, so use them too to create a village landscape.

As for the materials of the garden, they must be exclusively natural origin. The rustic atmosphere of warmth and simplicity will enable your soul and body to rest, for example, on a wooden bench in any cozy place of the garden. The table can be made from the stump, now it will be doubly more pleasant to drink tea. If there is a pond on your territory, then a wooden bridge will be appropriate, according to which you can even let a bitter.

For scenery, you can take an old Russian cart, several wooden barrels, build a well (can be real) with rockers and wooden buckets. In general, if you were once in the village that preserved the old Russian traditions, then you yourself will understand what and how to do to create a real village landscape design.

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