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How to increase the area of ​​a small kitchen using design

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In the event that your kitchen has a small area, you will have to spend a lot in financial and mental plans. Because only it may initially seem that it is not so difficult to repair a small -sized kitchen, but in fact you have to take a few serious actions. First of all, you need to very carefully and clearly think through the design and layout of the kitchen, because you can not lose a single centimeter. At the same time, you should prepare for the fact that furniture is most likely to be made to order, as well as figure out something original.

What is usually meant by a small kitchen? First of all, it is a kitchen whose area is less than eight meters.  At the same time, the small ones include the kitchen, which has a non -standard layout, in the form of irregular angles, polygonity or increased narrow.  Do not despair if your kitchen is small. Now you can find a lot of design solutions that will make your catering block convenient.

Immediately decide on what you want to get.  Draw a detailed kitchen plan with all the nuances, you can even cut all the furniture out of paper and arrange it, combining various options.  We advise you to leave only what will definitely be necessary, and abandon secondary or additional elements.  Remember that the tile and sink can not be placed nearby, so there should be some kind of item between them.  Also, the plate should be placed far from the window.  For a small kitchen, you must definitely use hanging cabinets.

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