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Kerama Marazzi tiles building materials

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Spheres using ceramics have become very diverse. Currently, you will not surprise anyone with a beautiful ceramic countertop or shelf, rack or the original head of the bed made of ceramics.

Decorative decoration with such material as Kerama Marazzi gives unsurpassed results. Unexpected drawings, original colors, creative combinations of shades and modern style solutions – this is an incomplete list of characteristics that make Italian ceramic tiles one of the frequently popular materials.

As for the formats, then there are also numerous possibilities of finishing material in this matter. Large -format coatings are capable of in small rooms to cause a feeling of spaciousness.

Visual capabilities of tiles

On the floors and walls, a large format, in the case when it is crawling products with a calibrated edge, is able to create the effect of a full -fledged coating, with almost completely hidden from the eyes between the tile seams.

The ability of vertical laying of an oblong form of ceramics is allowed to visually “raise” the ceiling, while, for example, horizontal laying of such a tile can increase the length of the space.

And the combination of diverse surfaces, the game of volumes, make it possible to optimally use lighting, while creating an elegant comfort, replacing static motion, deepening the spaces, enhancing visual effects.

The tile is easily possible to repair damaged areas.

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