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How to repair the upholstery of the car seats yourself?

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Each driver knows that it is impossible to postpone the repair of the cabin, and even rather the car seats, as this can lead to undesirable consequences. It turns out that the car chair due to its breakdowns and defects can cause the driver’s carelessness during movement, and this, as a rule, can poorly affect both the driver’s health and the health of passengers. The most common damage to the seats of the car includes scuffs and ruptures in the upper parts of their upholstery, which usually occur on car seats and armrests of seats. And also does not do without breakdowns of seats, in which they can lose their elasticity or even break. Less often there are breakdowns and scuffs of the bases and gaskets of seats. In order to carry out the repair of the above, the above, you should stock up on certain tools and materials such as an awl, a set of sewing needles for manual sewing, braid, threads of various numbers and composition, synthetic or rubber natural glue, crayon. And you will also need pieces of material that is used in car upholstery or upholstery material. These include shreds of artificial, natural or synthetic skin, lining fabrics, polyvinyl chloride film and non -woven materials. Consider the procedure for the repair of the upholstery of the car seats. First of all, you should disassemble the car seat. It is best to perform these work on a workbench. Using a screwdriver, it is necessary to unscrew the fasteners of the device of the right and left hinges of the repaired seat, the back of the chair and the seats should be left on the workbench to perform further work. Then you need to carefully spread the seats of the seats that have damage to the upholstery. In order for, it is easier to do, you should pull the upholstery at an angle that will allow you to see well a rolled seam. Then with a knife, without touching the edges of the upholstery material, you need to remove the line of the threads. Next, it is necessary to remove the upholstery of the seats. To quickly perform fabric removal from the places where it is glued to the cardboard, it is advisable to moisten the places of these speakers with gasoline, and then you need to carefully pull the fabric removed with a knife. Next, the new parts of the chair should be cut. At the same time, cutting can be carried out according to available finished patterns. Having spread the material on the table with several layers, you should fix their side sides with clamps and attach the finished parts of the patterns, which then need to be outlined with chalk, trying to ensure that the width of the chalk stripes is not more than 2 mm. According to some drivers involved in the repair of their car chairs, it is better to use small pieces of soap for cutting instead. Then the patterns of individual parts must be cut with scissors. At the next stage of the repair, it is necessary to combine the parts of the upholstery with the help of a double or single seam from the wrong side. The parts should be stitched so that the seams do not turn out to be very tattered, and also have no bevels. You can also apply such a method of connecting parts of the pattern as fastening using glue. In this method of connection, it is necessary to ensure that the fabric before the connection is degreased, and also be without pollution. Next, collecting the car seats pillows, it is necessary to install it on the frame. The springs must be covered using a special tightening, fixing it with a stapler or paper clips in different places. Just and tightening the frame, you must try to fix the stapler evenly. During this procedure, you should carefully monitor the tightness state, and if necessary, fill it with cotton wool. The assembly of the back of the car chair must be done by installing the chairs on the workbench, covering the springs with a special tightening, and, fixing it in the right places. On top you should put the gasket and perform its strong fixation. Then you need to put on the upholstery on the frame and knock out cotton wool under it. Next, the installation of the shield should be installed by fixing it using bolts. At the end of the assembly work, it is necessary to install the back and pillows of the seat among themselves. To do this, you need to combine the hinged holes, and then fix them with screws.

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