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Why builders love the pluses of material so much

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If you started the repair of the kitchen or just want to update the surface of the walls in the apartment, then you will need such an indispensable building material as plaster. The most common internal surfaces of the walls of the house today is drywall walls and plaster. If you have an old house built before the 1950s, most likely it has only plaster in walls and ceilings.

This material is valued for its versatility, the ability to reduce noise and it has a rather sufficient fire resistance.  The plaster is widely used as a facing of walls of brick, stone, or structures of the frame structure. And because of its special structure, this material can comply with almost any requirement, since it fills all corners, cracks, or crooked lines on the wall and ceiling. The plaster today continues to be an excellent solution for many complex surfaces of walls and structures. It is almost irreplaceable.

Even in small old houses, it was always the standard to apply such material to finish the internal walls.  And then whitewashing was carried out, painting, and plastered walls were not closed with wallpaper. Traditionally, plaster is a mixture of cement, sand and water, which are used in layers based on wood or metal mesh or perforated drywall.

Wall plaster problem. Over time, plaster in walls and ceilings tends to develop cracks. Professional plasters have in its arsenal special materials and methods necessary for the repair of these cracks, depending on the volume and condition of the damage. The service of professionals can also advise to clean the paint and plastering walls if you are going to do it yourself.

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