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How to correctly calculate finances to start repairs

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Before starting the repair, think about finances. The main thing and the main thing is to calculate how much your repair will cost. In order to calculate the value of your repair, you need to study the situation. Does everything suits you here. For example, take communication. Do you like the location of the pipes, you would like to transfer something. Because when you start repairing, replacing and transformation of communications, this is your first stage.  If you are not arranged by the location of the gas system, then this should be done by gas workers who know in their business and will not allow any accidents.

Your next step will be the repair of walls and ceilings. But before that, think about electric networks. After all, you do not need short circuits that occur during the old wiring. After that, begin to align the walls and ceilings. After you have passed all these stages of repairs, take up the installation of furniture. After all, this is also a lot of important. You should hold on the “Rules of the Triangle”, which is so often used to arrange a kitchen.  You can divide the entire room into specific zones. 

Remember that you should be purchased all the materials for repairs right away, so that then there are no problems. Because for professional decoration of the room you should purchase all materials of one company. And as you know, wholesale prices are much acceptable than retail.

Purchase auxiliary tools and materials.  These are construction tape, products that help remove paint and stationery knives. 

When the kitchen is already in principle ready, you should engage in its plumbing. You should think about whether a washing or dishwasher is needed in the kitchen. When installing the water supply, calculate additional inputs to connect additional equipment.

And replace the windows so that in winter your kitchen is quite comfortable.    

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