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To help the driver, many electronic systems have appeared, such as: Parking Assistant, Lane Assistant, Driving Mode Selection.

Skoda Czech car company, has long gained popularity in the Russian and Ukrainian markets. All due to the fact that engineers come up and produce – reliable, solid, comfortable, high -quality cars, oriented, first of all, to bring joy to their owner. Especially everyone became known and loved by Octavia model line. It would seem that the 5th version will be the last, because the car turned out to be and so beyond praise, and the cost is not the largest as a car of this class and the quality of the finish is excellent. But it wasn’t there, an updated version came into the world – Skoda Octavia A7.

Most motorists have long been known that the Chinese company Haima, which is part of the FAW car account, has been working with Mazda for a very long time. Therefore, it is not surprising that their joint budgetary creation of Haima 2 can be accepted by Mazda 2. Well, if you look closer and figure it out deeper that what happens.

All men love cars. And the younger, the more they like sports cars. But not everyone has a money to buy a good sports car. For this reason, tuning appeared. Translated from English, the word “tunning” is translated as a setting. Setting up the main components of the engine for certain needs. In our psychology, the word tuning is associated with any increase in the characteristics of the car.

Many people ask the question: “How will cars look in the future?»Now flying, floating and other fantastic machines appear. Everyone dreams of his car to work forever and without recharging. Therefore, American designers are developing a project that will last 100 years and will not spend fuel. Airmobiles from fantastic films became real. More recently, the flying car Terrafugia rose to the sky. It turned from a car into a plane in 30 seconds.

Italian manufacturer of luxury vehicles – Maserati – 1 billion will be spent to develop the product line. Euro in the next four years. A considerable amount will be directed by the company to develop completely new cars. By 2016, the Maserati product line will be replenished with Ghibli sedan, aimed at rivalry with the BMW of the 5th series, Audi A6 and Mercedes-Benz E-class, a competitor to Porsche 911, called the GRANSPORT, and the first in the history of the Italian brand Levante crossover, which became the debit of which became The last international car dealership in the city of Paris.

The most affordable car of the brand will be the GHIBLI sedan: in the European market, the car will cost 55,000 euros. If we compare the sixth generation with Qttroporte, the premiere of which will take place in Detroit, the price of which will be 80,000 euros, the size of the minimum cost of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Levante crossover will be 60,000 euros.

Part of the Maserati funds will be spent on updating the currently manufactured sports cars. This applies to Granturismo and Grancabrio models, generations change will occur in 2015. The company believes that the creation of new products will contribute to an increase in brand sales in three years more than eight times. The results of 2011 showed that Maserati sold 6,159 cars on the global market.

For a long time, the days hid behind the turns, when the statement “a car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation” was relevant. It is no secret that a lot can be said about the brand of personal car about its owner, so there could be a modern expression – “tell me what your car is and I will say who you are”.

Xenon lamps began to come into fashion more and more often. They are put even on cars that are not provided for this at all for this. This of course is very wrong. These lamps are very much reflected in the mirrors when the car rides behind. Most of the accident occurs precisely because of the Tog that the driver was blinded ahead of the driving machine with incorrectly installed xenon headlights.

To drive a new car is not so much and it is necessary. Just a new car. You don’t need a lot to choose it. You should not rush much to choose a good car. Prepare written accessories, car catalog, newspaper with ads and a little time.

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