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The first serial “Largus” came off the assembly line

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On April 4, it was marked by the beginning of serial production of the new model of the Russian automaker AvtoVAZ – Lada "Largus" (Largus). The solemn event was also attended by the current Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Putin, who left his signature on the first car, which left the conveyor. In addition to Putin, representatives of companies signed by car "Nissan" And "Renault", who provided the Russian auto giant with a new platform for creating a model "Largus". Note that on the same platform the production of the serial car Renault Logan of the budget option is made. According to Putin, AvtoVAZ has a huge potential and a bright future. At the moment, the plant occupies 25% of the Russian market and this bar is not only to remain, but will even increase. The prime minister was sure of this. Putin also added that the government plans to allocate about 170 billion rubles until 2020 for the development of the car concert. According to reports, car model "Largus" will be produced in several bodies, including a five -seater and seven -seater station wagon, as well as a double wagon, which will be used for commercial purposes. As for the configuration, most likely the car will be offered in the options "Lux", "norm" And "standard".The price of the commercial version of the model will start from 320 thousand rubles, and the passenger – from 350 thousand. The start of sales of a new car is scheduled for July this year. Sell ​​and maintain these cars will be through dealerships "Lada".

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