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The preparatory stage of the repair is how to do it correctly

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The basis of each apartment is its hall. The hall leaves the impression of the whole apartment. This room also speaks of its owner, namely, talks about taste, preferences and interests.  Another room, as you know, collects all family members in the evening to ware the time in front of the TV or just a good conversation. Because when you arrange this particular room, take into account the interests of all family members. This is a rather complicated repair room. 

First, go through the preparatory stage of the repair, which will be concluded:

– removal of all the accessories that will interfere with the repair.  Because you do not want you to throw part of your furniture after the repair.

– your first step before the arrangement will be the replacement of windows and inserting new doors. You should know that the heat in the room provides coziness and the comfort that is so necessary for your family.

–  Do not forget about the electrical wire, which should be replaced if it is old. You must remember that the old wiring may not withstand the load of new electrical engineering. 

– After the work done, take care of the floor if the floor is new just take care of thermal insulation, if the floor was wooden or uneven, take care. Eliminate all defects for laying parquet or linoleum.

–  Start further to the ceiling, and then to the walls. Comers the walls with plaster. If the irregularities are significant, then you will have to work hard. If it comes to the ceiling, you can use both “dry” and “wet” alignment method.  The easiest way is to use, of course, a dry method that is not so complex and much more effective than “wet”.

After the dirty work carried out, proceed to cosmetic repairs.  You don’t think that cosmetic repairs will be easier.  You need to think about what material you choose to finish the surface. Will it be wallpaper or paint, you decide.  The main thing is that you like it and corresponds to all interests.

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