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What is the rack ceiling stages of creation

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An excellent move in the design of the ceiling is rack ceilings. Such ceilings are a design of aluminum or steel panels covered with many layers of paint, to achieve the desired decorative effect.

The panels should certainly be long (up to 6 meters) and narrow (25-30 centimeters). At its core, this type of ceiling is one of the solutions of suspended ceiling systems. Reese panels can be made from various materials, to be of various colors, and various shapes, they can also have a glossy, matte coating.  There are also two methods of placing rails, they can be attached to the other with the other, in this case we can talk about the effect of the lining, or at a distance of 2-3 centimeters one from the other, in which case the empty space can be filled with various decorative elements.

Reese ceilings are distinguished by high operational qualities, they are very durable, have moisture resistance, are able to visually expand the space.

Before you do directly by installing the ceiling, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work, and study the components of this structure. The set of the rack ceiling includes: a bar with fixers, to which the rails, masters are attached, call it “supporting tire”, special mounts, with which the tire is attached to the ceiling, and, directly, the rails themselves. Place the rack ceiling at a distance of 5-10 centimeters from the supporting ceiling.

 When installing the ceiling, you need a construction level, drill or perforator, various rulers, dowels and screws, a construction knife. Even before the start of work on installing the ceiling, it is worth considering the placement of lamps.

Starting, directly, to install the ceiling, first of all, it is necessary to determine at what distance it needs to be fixed. This depends more on the height of the regiments in the room. Next, it is necessary to apply the mark on the right level around the entire perimeter of the walls, while it must be checked so that they are all placed strictly horizontally.

The next stage is the profile fastening of the mark made, the profile is attached to the wall with dowels at a distance of 5-6 centimeters from one another. Further, supporting tires will be attached to this profile. The first tire is attached at a distance of 30 centimeters from the wall, the next 1 meter from the previous. Note that the tires are placed strictly parallel to one another.

Then the rails themselves are attached to the tire, in fact, this is the end of the installation of the river ceiling.

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