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With a counterclaim of clinics, the gaps are selected between ordinary boards – it remains only to fix with cloves this location of the next nailed flooring board. Subsequently, the operation is repeated for any free high -quality board "The carpet of flooring", then, and if it happened that you need, lay out the next batch of flooring boards.

But with the right choice of cracks between high-quality boards, the moment can also occur when the thickness of Klinyev is not enough to pull the flooring board, in this case you need to use auxiliary blocks-liners.

Another note. It is not very convenient to work with wedges on weight – they often fall between the boards without knots. Of course, much better, and if it so happened that they were lying on the lag. However, then the nail into the comb cannot be driven. The way out of this situation is to cut the technological window in the wedge. Similar cunning, by the way, will allow you to cover the floor, with the help of a generally accepted bracket – there will not be particular holes from cloves in ordinary boards, as in the former case.

Before the ukdadka floor, we recommend that you take care of the future placement of switches, the assortment can be viewed on the official website of the dealer of NPK CJSC "Teko" – Contactly switches (catalog of more than 7000 items).

With squeezing the ends of the flooring boards, sometimes problems also appear. For example, boards without knots at the partition often do not rely on the lag (support beam), and on the cranial beam, in which bracket you can’t get into it – it will split. Then it is very easy to forget the bracket into the partition (wall), and subsequently with the help of any lever (the beam that came under the arm), watch the end of the board devoid of knots. Here, cloves can also be beaten and, in addition, at the top, because the places of fasteners will somehow close with skirting boards.

With curved fairly wide boards without knots, special hassle. Likely clenched perfectly, nailed the floor board to the lag by carnations, but as soon as they removed the wedge – high -quality board goes back again. At "parquet" the method in the opposite case and, accordingly, is not able to be – but the carnations are nailed at and the angle where the ordinary board strives. Drive a nail at the top – unsightly. But, and also here you can also "cheat" – bite a hat at a clove, nail it. Until the wedge is removed, along the edge of a regular board, through the neckline in its crest. For these stoppers, it is much better to use thick cloves (at least 6 millimeters).

At the end, I note that when flooring, as in an arbitrary other business, situations appear when, in addition to well -known techniques, it is required to show, confusion. I hope that my recommendations are useful to readers, which are based on personal experience of building houses. Maybe these secrets will push craftsmen to search for updated technological solutions. You can also count with an identification article how to make a warm floor in a water heating with your own hands without financial costs in the house.

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