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The disappointing results of the holidays

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New Year’s and Christmas holidays went noisy, bringing with it not only joy and fun, but also sad, but for someone tragic notes. Traffic accidents, fires, thefts-this is the list of troubles that comprehended the inhabitants of the city and the district. Accidents reports were provided by police officers and road safety inspections.

Fatal accident

4 January about 13.35 on the 313rd kilometer of the M-9 Baltiya highway, a 46-year-old driver, driving a VAZ-2107 car, moving from Riga in the direction of Moscow, drove into a road lane intended for oncoming traffic as a result of the drift of the vehicle, where he collided with Cargo car Mercedes Benz Aktros with a trailer under the control of a 47-year-old driver. The driver and passengers of the VAZ car-a 57-year-old woman and a 21-year-old girl died from injuries.

6 January about 23.30 on the 279th kilometer of the federal highway M-9 Baltiya (Oleninsky district), a 25-year-old driver, moving on the personal car Opel Astra from Moscow in the direction of Riga, drove to the side of the road intended for oncoming traffic, where he collided with a car VAZ 2108 under the control of a 33-year-old driver. The driver of the VAZ died from the resulting bodily injuries. 24-year-old woman-passenger of the Opel Astra car-received bodily harm and was taken to the hospital.

10 January about 10.00 in the area of ​​house No. 4 on Oktyabrskaya Street in the city of the White Citizen of the Republic of Latvia born in 1956, leading the Mercedes Benz cargo car with a semi -trailer, when turning right, did not cope with the department. There was a tangent collision with the car of Renault Sander. The truck moved into a ditch and overturned, his driver with bodily injuries was hospitalized in the Nelidovsky Central District Hospital.

Four criminal cases have been started

On the past holidays, the attention of employees of the road-patrol service was aimed at identifying drivers driving vehicles while intoxicated. As a result of the work, the fact of driving a vehicle was revealed in a state of intoxication (h. 1 tbsp. 12.8 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation). Four criminal cases have also been opened under Article 264 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Including in Nelidov on January 2, an inspector of the traffic police on Pervomaiskaya Street was stopped by a car under the control of a drunk driver, previously deprived of the right to drive a vehicle, the second violator was identified on January 7.

When comparing these results with the same period last year, it can be noted that the number of “booze” at the wheel decreased. During the New Year holidays, traffic accidents with the participation of drunk drivers are not registered. The traffic police hopes that this positive New Year’s trend will be fixed in everyday life.

As for drivers who allowed themselves to re -drive intoxicated, conversation with them will be conducted in the language of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Oleg Confetkin, inspector for the propaganda of the BDD

Fires, theft, fraud ..

January 5 at 16.30 The on -duty part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia “Nelidovsky” received a message: the unidentified person through the roof penetrated the house under construction. Construction tools were stolen. A criminal case has been instituted under article 158, part 2.

On January 5, employees of the municipal department revealed the fact of the implementation of alcohol -containing fluid. During the study, it was found that its composition contains substances that threaten the life and health of consumers.

6 January at 5.00 When extinguishing a residential building and analysis of the wreckage, a corpse of a person was found, presumably the mistress of the house. The fire occurred about half of the second night, the preliminary reason is the careless handling of fire.

January 8 at 10.30 to the police department was addressed by a person who suffered from the actions of fraudsters. January 7 at 13.30 on his mobile phone came an SMS message. Having called back the number indicated in it and following the instructions of the attacker, the person performed operations at the ATM, after which money was written off from his bank card.

January 10 at 19.35 The municipal department received a message that someone had damaged four wheels of the car, cutting them with a sharp object. Verification is carried out, the amount of damage is set.

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