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Where should you start repairs in the bathroom

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The repair of the bathroom is one of the most difficult types of repair, which will require not only a large number of forces spent, but also a huge reserve of knowledge, which sometimes so lacks during this complex labor -intensive process.

Of course, it is preferable to attract a professional to this work, but not everyone is able to pull such expenses, because almost all types of work are present here, and it is not so easy to find a real master of their craft.

In general, if you decide to independently repair the bathroom, we propose to consider some topical issues on this type of work.

So where to start?

Before starting to repair this room, make a plan for what you have to do. It is possible that in order to increase the area you will have to redevelop the apartment for which a special resolution needs.

So first consider everything to the smallest detail. Decide everything, right up to what the design of the bathroom will be, so that in the end you are really comfortable and comfortable there.

And now, when everything has already been done and finally thought out the entire plan and at least preliminary sketches are drawn, you can start dismantling the old equipment in the bathroom. Remember that you need to do this very carefully so that in no case do not damage the rest of the furniture in the apartment with your inaccurate.

It should also be known that even if you do not plan a redevelopment, you should not leave old partitions. By replacing them, you can be sure that no trouble will further arise with them.

After the dismantling has ended, you can proceed directly to the repair. It is best to start it with the replacement of old partitions. As for the materials that can be used, it is preferable to take moisture -resistant drywall, which is inexpensive, and is then dismantled very simply.

True, installing plasterboard partitions, it is very important to put them evenly, so if the room is rectangular, then everything needs to be measured with special accuracy and without errors.

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