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Extraordinary Citroen C6

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Citroen XM was replaced by a new E -class car from the Citroen concern – Citroen C6. The extraordinary design of the Frenchman is harmful and balanced. Strict, but at the same time, the elegant lines of the Citroen C6 body immediately attract attention. The power and strength of the car are felt in all details. The design of Citroen C6, especially its front part, is an example of “traditional French design”: these are a couple of round fog, and a bumper, and air intakes, and a combination of low clearance with “eye” headlights of outdoor lighting. A pair of elongated chevrons stretched to the headlights coming from the proprietary chrome foliar radiator-emblem shows belonging to C6 to the lineup Citroen.

Due to the unusual form of the headlights, the bumper, convex and smooth hood, and the front wings of the car into a powerful single whole are united. A sharp distinction between farm-tumor and headlights of external lighting completes the image of Citroen C6. Reducing the width of the frames and racks contributed to the improvement of visibility and illumination in the car. Even the most sophisticated motorist will be pleasantly surprised by the functionality of Citroen C6. The entire interior of the news interior from Citroen is impregnated with comfort and hospitality. Due to the fact that the shape of the dashboard is a crescent, it is symmetrically located around the central console, and the elegance and dynamics of the salon gives a combination with straight lines. The design of the car organically and subtly combines simplicity and smoothness.

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