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Color solution for interior design in the Mediterranean style

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At the mention of the Mediterranean, first of all, an association arises with the Sun, the Sea, raging vegetation, calm, peace, romance, this is the style of warm European countries. A feature of the interior in the Mediterranean spirit is the combination of ceramics, natural wood, forged elements, fruit ornaments, white and blue textiles. The interior should remind of the proximity of the sea.

The main idea of ​​the Mediterranean style is simplicity, a certain naivety, comfort created by yourself.

Handmade furniture, uncomplicated shapes made of pine or oak, possibly tinted, but not varnished, is well suited. In combination with wood, forged elements, textiles, rattan, stone countertops are actively used.  You can actively use open racks and shelves, handmade ceramic dishes, rough glasses for wine will look great for them.

The color scheme is all shades of yellow, from lemon to terracotta, a combination of white with blue, bright as an emphasis, emerald, juicy green, creamy. The walls and ceiling are exclusively matte, with a claim to man -made, light tones. Mosaic tiles, frescoes or imitation are actively used, all as if pretty battered by a salted sea wind, warmed up by a bright sun.

Historically, the absence of flooring, carpets, material favorite for the floor, of course, is the tile.

The use of textiles in the interior is extremely practical. Preference is given exclusively to natural fabrics. The curtains are extremely rare, but even if they are, they are used exclusively utilitarian.

The interior of the Mediterranean style is not replete with accessories due to its practicality, ceramic dishes, various sea pebbles, shells, shells are permissible. That you can not be afraid to use it is living plants, of course, Mediterranean origin.

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