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Plastic panels for decoration of the bathroom

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You decided to make repairs, and now the turn has reached the bathroom. But there is no longer enough money. Gorgeous ceramic tiles are not cheap, and specialists will take a lot for laying tiles. Dont be upset. This is not an occasion to postpone the repair in the bathroom for an indefinite period. Today, many create comfort in the bathroom thanks to plastic panels. This is a good and inexpensive alternative to your repair.

Plastic panels or panels – pvx is very easy to mount. You will cope with this material yourself without involving high -class specialists. You can deal with the repair in the bathroom in one or two days. Wall sheathing with plastic panels will significantly align them. Preliminary preparation of walls before the skin is not necessary to do. In addition, plastic panels are well disguised by all communications, pipes, electric wiring … In general, no matter what your bathroom is, after wall decoration with plastic, it will be transformed beyond recognition. Will become neat and even.

In addition, plastic panels should be chosen in terms of practicality. The panels are not afraid of moisture, and this is the most important thing for finishing materials in Anna. It is very easy to wash and clean it. And if suddenly you accidentally damaged one panel, then it can be replaced without spending huge means on this. With the help of plastic, you can sheathe the walls and ceiling in the bathroom, even make the shelves. But it is better to lay out the floor with ceramic tiles.

True, plastic has one drawback – it is not as durable as ceramic tiles. Can bend with pressure and easily break. But on the other hand, PVC panels you can change the casual year, often updating the design in the bathroom. This is facilitated by a variety of color solutions, as well as textures that are used in the production of plastic. You can choose one tonality or try combinations of different colors.

In order to start the skin of the walls, you need to prepare a tool in advance. You will definitely come in handy a mounting knife, a stapler, a hacksaw, a hammer, a screwdriver, pliers, level… Remember that PVC panels in the bathroom will need to be adjusted in size. To make the sections even, use a construction knife and a hacksaw.

Before decorating the wall, you can treat an antifungal solution. Then, using self -tapping screws, you need to fix the crate from wooden bars. The eraser panels themselves are attached to the crate. It is necessary to process the seams between the panels. So you protect the wooden crate from possible decay. And if the panels are located close to the heated towel rail, then they will spoil much earlier. The distance between them should be at least 4 centimeters.

Bathroom finishing PVC panels is a great way to save and restore order. Plastic panels are resistant to negative effects. And if you have other design ideas, you can easily replace the old plastic with a new. In just a few days.

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