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Is it possible to make a high -quality floor screed yourself

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In order to create a durable and reliable floor, you need to make a good screed.  In general, it is desirable to make a one -unit screed for all rooms, except for the bathroom. In the bathroom, the level will be slightly lower, as this ensures safety for the rest of the rooms during the water supply accident. 

Every experienced master who has repeatedly made a screed on the eye can determine the correctness of the preparation of a cement mortar . He will find a fat solution, that is, which contains a lot of cement or determine the skinny solution that contains a lot of sand. For a beginner, this is quite difficult to determine and therefore should clearly observe the proportions of the solution.

Mixed ingredients should be mixed first dry, and then add water.  The construction solution should be stirred for 3-6 minutes.  It is better to stir the mixture with a mixer or concrete mixer.

After the solution has been stirred, you should pour a screed that you equal to the rule. If there is no rule, use any even wooden bar.   Do not forget to use a reinforced network to strengthen screed so that there are no cracks. 

As you understand, fill the cement mortar on a moisturized surface and start stretching.

 To make a screed correctly and so that it serves durable, consider the following factors:

– Follow a clear proportion of cement and sand, which is 1: 3.

– Calculate the correct amount of water added.

– The quality of the solution depends on the brand of cement and the composition of the sand. 

– Try to make sure that any foreign impurities do not get into the construction mixture.

Make sure that the screed does not dry out quite quickly, because it can lead to cracks. To do this, you need to cover the entire surface with wet burden and moisten the surface 3 times a day until the entire surface dries.

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