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How to align the ceiling in the room methods on their own

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There is an opinion that the first impression of the apartment is determined by the ceiling.  If you want, you can make the perfect ceiling that would have no cracks or bumps.  You understand that a good interior cannot be imagined without a first -class ceiling.  There are different ways to align the ceiling that are divided into “dry” and “raw”.

The “dry” method involves the use of dry finishing material. These are slats, slabs and beams.  The “raw” method is aimed at applying the pre -prepared surface special mixtures. If irregularities are less than 5 mm, you should use a special putty to align the surface of the ceiling.  When the applied putty dries, you must polish the surface with sandpaper.  If the unevenness is 2-3 cm, then you will not get off with one putty . First of all, before putty, you are imposing a reinforcing network.  If you do not want a reinforcing network, then metal and painting nets are provided before your choice.

Main grids in appearance resemble medical bandages. You glue such a grid on the ceiling with PVA or other building glue.

Here we fasten the metal mesh using special brackets or hooks. Using plaster, strengthen the seams between the net. 

After plaster, align all the remaining uneven surfaces.  If you are planning to paint the ceiling, then after the putty dries, then apply a primer.  If you know, then professional repair also implies the use of materials of one manufacturer at all stages of repairs. This is done so that there are no inconsistencies with materials.

By the way, it is important to know that the “raw” method is complicated, but it does not imply the elimination of all irregularities. And the fact that, despite the fact that if a professional did your ceiling, he would not give a guarantee that cracks may occur on the ceiling.

Therefore, the “dry” method of aligning the ceiling is most often used.

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