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What is included in the complex of engineering networks. Features

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Engineering networks are a complex of various communications that provide a decent life of consumers. To create engineering networks, it is often necessary to implement innovative technologies and the latest achievements. The main step when laying networks is well -thought -out design and unconditional compliance with the necessary requirements. Only in this case you will be able to build a reliable and long -term object.

Modern construction of any objects is impossible of unpunished engineering networks. They are called external because they are outside the building. But it is they who provide convenience and comfort indoors. External engineering networks include a gas pipeline and water supply, heat, sewer and electric networks, external communication systems. Let us dwell on some of them in more detail.

Perhaps one of the most vital systems is water supply. This system is necessary for supplying hot and cold water to the building. A simplified version of water supply networks is a connection to a centralized tap system. You can also create an independent fence of water from a well, well or a certain reservoir. Inside the room, it is necessary to carry out wiring from the pipes. To do this, use plastic, metal -plastic, steel or copper pipes. Also, in this case, it is necessary to use locking reinforcement. If the materials are selected correctly, then the water supply will be operated for a long time and reliably.

The heating system is no less important for the building than water supply. Based on miscalculations, it is necessary to design the power of the boiler for the heating system. It is necessary to take into account the necessary heat consumption and optimal types of energy. Then you need to choose radiators and pipes that will connect them with shut -off valves.

Electric networks require permits. They are issued on the basis of calculations of the need for energy carriers. Installation of electrical systems is carried out in accordance with applicable standards. To do this, inside the building, the installation of design communications is carried out, only then the electric consumers are connected, the counters are installed.

In order to mount the sewage system, you need to calculate the diameters of the pipes for sewage and wastewater. Then connect to centralized sewer networks. There is another option – the creation of an autonomous sewer system. To do this, you need to connect septic tanks to the internal sewage system, cleaners and sumps. Inside the room in this case, the sewer pipes are wiring.

Remember, in order to efficiently carry out the installation of any engineering networks, you need to contact specialists. They will create a project and perform the necessary work.

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