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How to remove the old coating from the wall depending on the type

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It’s no secret that all the success of the future repairs depends on how well the preliminary preparation for it was made.

Every time you are going to make repairs, it must be remembered that it is most important to pre -examine all the premises to the smallest details and think about what you are going to change and what flaws of the room you need to remove for this.

Repair can also be an excellent occasion to get rid of all that unnecessary trash that only interferes, but it is simply a pity to throw away.

True, every year it is more and more difficult to change something in your house, so you need to pull yourself together and in the end decide on some changes in your life.

Before you start repairs, talk with your neighbors and explain that for some time the noise will be more than usual and apologize for possible inconvenience. This simple procedure will help get rid of quarrels with neighbors, which are sometimes very strong.

Now let’s talk about some procedures that need to be done in the room before making repairs.

Removing old wallpaper

Try for starters to remove the wallpaper with a dry way, that is, put them with a spatula and pull the leaf over yourself. So you can remove most of the old wallpaper. Further on the walls there will be glue and those pieces of paper that could not be removed using a dry method. They will have to work with them with a damp cloth and water.

But it is not always possible to remove the sheets of old wallpapers only with a spatula. Then you need to moisten the wall abundantly with warm water, and after the glue is completely dissolved, carefully remove the sheets of wallpaper. If you have the wallpaper that do not pass water, then first remove the protective film, and after that remove the coating from the walls.

Removing tiles

Most often, it is very easy to remove the old tiles, just pushing it with a scarf.

But if you just do not want to give up tiles, then you have to crush it with the same scarlet fee and hammer.

Removing paints

In order to remove chalk paint, it is necessary to moisten the surface with warm water, let it stand, then moisten again and remove it all with a spatula.

The instructions are usually applied to water -based paint, which indicates how to remove it correctly, but lime is good to remove with water in which starch is soaked.

Then he easily departs and leaves no extra tracks.

With oil paint is a little more complicated. It can be removed using a metal brush, or a special solution that is sold in construction stores.

It can also be softened by a construction hairdryer, and then simply torn off a spatula.

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