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Decor items for the room what to choose what to take into account

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This room is the meeting place of all family members, holidays and parties are held here. Therefore, it is not surprising that I want to decorate the living room especially.

Curtains – one of the main elements of the interior. Often they just hang around the window.  The room will look more elegant if they are tied with decorative cords. It is possible that the cords are with brushes, or even with threads of beads. During the holiday, curtains can be tied with garlands.

Indoors of indoor flowers are very decorated. Usually they stand throughout the apartment. Would you like to collect them in the living room for some time. This will resemble a winter gallery, for example, in some of the corners.  Nearby you can put a chair and a coffee table. But we must not forget about the convenience of the plants themselves. They need to be transferred very carefully.

Try to drop the sofa with a new fabric. This is a very effective way to change and the sofa and the appearance of the room as a whole. With a huge selection of materials, their colors and textures, you need to focus on your mood. Want the rapid mood of spring, choose fabric with large colors. And a party in the African style is suitable for wearing with a coloring under the zebra or leopard.

A wonderful object for experiments with the interior of the living room – doors. If you have doors with glass inserts, then you can stick a beautiful translucent film with patterns on them. If you hold the doors open, then the opening can be decorated with curtains from beads.

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