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What is foamine features

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Foamen is the material that is very often needed not only during the repair, but also for many other purposes. The only trouble is that it is sold in very large pieces and rolls, and at home not everyone knows how to cut it correctly, beautifully and high -quality.

In production, this work is carried out using a nichrome wire, which is redeemed with the consequence of the exposure to the electric voltage on it. But it is best not to try such work in the house. The fact is that if foam rubber is cut in this way, then it exudes harmful gases that amaze not only the human respiratory system, but also the cerebral channels of his brain, which can lead to irreparable health damage.

That is why experts unanimously argue that at home the foams are best cut with an ordinary knife, however, it should be sharp enough so as not to cling to the material.

How to do it?

First, take the most ordinary felt -tip pen. It will be required to mark the material. Marking is most preferable to a little, marrying areas that will be cut with small dashes.

Next, take the ruler, or any other straight stick and connect all the dashes in one line, only ensure that the line is always even and has no deviations anywhere.

After the marking is finished, take a large piece of plywood, or boards and put it under the surface of the foam rubber, which will be cut. Such measures are necessary so that your workplace in which a piece of foam is laid out is in no way damaged during the material of the material.

In time, the process of cutting foam is not used in time, you should not use the ruler, as this only complicates all the work. Take the knife and accurately strong movement, holding it in an upright position, cut the foam. If the thickness of the material is greater than the length of the knife, then at first it is cut as much as the knife can reach, and then, by spreading the surface with the hands, the rest is cut out.

We remind you that it is important that the knife is very sharp, because if the knife is not well-groomed, then Zapustin and irregularities can form on the foam rubber, which is also not very beautiful.

If the line on which you need to cut the curve, then the process occurs in the same way, only the line must be drawn completely at the beginning. The knife must again be kept vertically, otherwise the cut will not be quite even. True, if the surface is closed by the fabric, it is not entirely important how smooth.

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